3CM-3G Automatic Bagging Machine


  • The 3CM-3G automated bag packaging system is specifically designed for powdery products. Unlike net weighing, product is being weighed as it flows into the bag via load cells attached to the bag support mechanism. This automatic bagging machine provides a compact, low profile design with limited required head room.

    Four types of feeder applications are available for this type of automatic bagger equipment:
    • Vertical screw / auger
    • Horizontal large and small screw
    • Gravity cut-off gate
    • Vibratory


    3CM-3G Automatic Bagging Machine
    Capacity (bags per hour) 300 (depending on products, bag size and bag materials)
    Bag Type Kraft paper bag, paper cloth bag or PP/PE woven-cloth bag (inner laminated)
    Filled Weight 20-30 kg
    Power Required Approx.4.3 kW (not included for sewing machine or heat sealer)
    Air Consumption 400 Nl/minute (0.5 Mpa)
    Machine Dimensions (m) Approx. L 5.1 x W 2.5 x H 3.5
    Machine Weight 2,500 kg
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