3CM-55 Automatic Bagging Machine:

    Automated Packaging System for Granular and Powder Products


  • The 3CM-55 automated bagger is a low speed automatic bagging machine designed for packaging granular and powder products in polyethylene bags. There is a built in impulse sealer for bag top closing located at the filling spout for the most compact fully automated bagger in its class.The 3CM-55 automated packaging system is built for longevity and reliability while utilizing industry tested bag handling technology.

    This automatic bagging machine is a logical step for companies trying to reduce operation costs, liability exposure to work comp claims, consistent product appearance, and great ROI. See the 3CM-55 Automatic Bagging Machine Video.


    3CM-55 Automated Bagger
    Set Volume (weight) 18-23l* (5-20kg for rice)
    Speed Maximum 350 bags/hour (normal 300 bags/hour)
    Bag Type PE bag (with pin hole)
    Bag Size 600-800L x 390-500W (mm)
    Bag Sealing Method Impluse Seal
    Electricity Required 3.2kW, 3Ph (including 1.5kW for vacuum pump)
    Air Consumption 350 nl/min. (5kg/Gcm2)
    * In case of free flowing products.
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