3CM-5U Automatic Bagging Machine


  • The 3CM-5U high speed automated bag packaging system is designed for free flowing products. The compact design of this automatic bagging machine can fit most low profile applications. See the 3CM-5U Automatic Bagging Machine video.


    3CM-5U Automated Bagger
    Capacity (bags per hour) 600 (depending on products, bag size and bag materials)
    Bag Type Kraft paper bag, paper cloth bag or PP/PE woven-cloth bag (inner laminated)
    Filled Weight 10-20 kg
    Power Required Approx.1.5 kW (not included for sewing machine or heat sealer)
    Air Consumption 750 Nl/min. (0.5 pa)
    Machine Dimensions (m) Approx. L 3.2 x W 2.3 x H 1.95
    Machine Weight 1,300 kg
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