3CM-PDS Automatic Bagging Machines


  • This fully automated double spout packaging system represents the most advanced and highest throughput in-line packaging solution available. An operator simply fills multiple bag magazines with approximately 400 bags and pushes the start button on the touch screen. This automatic bagging machine, as with all our automated packaging systems, maintains bag control throughout the entire packaging and bag closing process. This concept affords a high degree of successful filling and closing. We offer this packaging solution with virtually any type of Newlong closing system. By utilizing servo technology, we are able to maintain years of production at a consistency level unmatched by any other machine in its class.

  • Our 3CM-PD automated bag packaging system delivers the same fully automated benefits as the 3CM-PDS but at a lower cost. Operator interface, control system, and the basic machine function remains the same. This system offers an air cylinder driven traverse movement option verses a servo option. Click here to see the Video on the 3CM-PDS.


      3CM-PDS Automatic Bagging Machine 3CM-PD Automatic Bagging Machine
    Capacity* 2000 bags/hour 1600 bags/hour
    Filling System Two spouts, double filling Two spouts, double filling
    Bag Type** Multi-Wall Paper, Polyethylene, Woven Poly with inner liner Multi-Wall Paper, Polyethylene, Woven Poly with inner liner
    Filled Weight 10-50 kg 10-50 kg
    Power Required -21 KW (not including bag closing) -16 KW (not including bag closing)
    Air Consumption 2000 Nl/minute 3000 Nl/minute
    Machine Weight 6000 kg 6000 kg
    * Capacity can vary due to product flow characteristics. Samples may be required to confirm rates.
    ** Bag samples may be required to confirm machine compatibility.
    NOTE: There are many options and variations available upon request.
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