7CM-TS Automatic Fill and Seal Packaging System


  • The 7CM-TS fully automatic fill and seal packaging system offers a seamless and complete automatic bagging machine designed to pull from a roll of tube stock, create the bottom seal, fill the bag, and seal the bag top.

    This automated bag packaging system provides a filled bag without a side seal so you can feel confident that this style of bag will not rupture due to a weak side seal. Click here to see the 7CM-TS Automatic Bagging Machine Video.


    7CM-TS Automatic Fill and Seal Packaging System
    Capacity* 1650 bags/hour
    Filled Weight 25 kg
    Power Requirements -24 KW (not including bag closing)
    Air Consumption 1270 Nl/minute
    Bag Bottom Seal Impulse Seal
    Bag Mouth Seal Impulse Seal
    Corner Seal Hot Plate
    * Capacity can vary due to product flow characteristics. Samples may be required to confirm rates.

    Bag Specifications**

    7CM-TS Automatic Fill and Seal Packaging System
    Bag Type Mono-Polyethylene tube stock
    Empty Bag Size Range (mm) L 700-850 X W 380-460 X GW35-80
    Film Thickness 2 mil - 8 mil
    Outer Diameter 1500 mm Max.
    Inside Core 150 mm
    Distance Between Gussets 260 mm Standard
    ** Bag samples are required to confirm machine compatibility.
  • Click here to view the 7CM-TS literature
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