HS Series Poly Bag Sealer, Bag Heat Sealer Machine


  • The HS Series bag heat sealer machine seals poly bags with or without gussets.
  • The heat seal is fused by applying pressure through a series of compression rollers and immediately cooled by a “cool air” blower system.
  • HS automatic heat sealer provides a consistent 7mm wide band seal with the appearance and strength.
  • Spring loaded quick change bands promote less maintenance and down time.
  • This poly bag sealer machine is available in 5 models to meet a wide range of applications.
  • Click here to see the HS Heat Sealing Machine video.
  • Optional Items

  • Bag top cleaning automatically spreads the bag top open, inserts a pneumatically driven wand, and agitates the seal area free of dust and debris. This option is particularly useful in a high dust environment that affects the sealing process (for non-gusseted bags only, a forced air system will be required for gussets).
  • Uniquely designed Ledex heater bar system (spring loaded modular heater bar) follows the contour of the gusset and provides a thorough seal in the most difficult sealing areas.
  • Bag top trimming promotes an attractive filled bag with a controlled bag top appearance.

  • Specifications*

      HS-22 HS-23 HS-53
    Speed (Variable m/min.) 7~20 infinitely variable 7~20 infinitely variable 7~20 infinitely variable
    Total Thickness, Max. 0.8 mm 1.0 mm 1.0 mm
    Seal Width 7 mm 7 mm 7 mm
    Heater Capacity (VA) 500 (or 600) x 4 500 (or 600) x 6 500 (or 600) x 10
    Cooling System (kW) air (0.2) or water cooling air (0.2) or water cooling air (0.2) or water cooling
    Sealer Motor 200 (V), 0.4 (kW) 200 (V), 0.4 (kW) 200 (V), 0.4 (kW)
    Dimensions (mm) 1,650 x 750 x 1,700 2,050 x 750 x 1,900 2,400 x 850 x 1,800
    Weight (kg) 145 180 210
    *Bag samples may be required to confirm machine compatibility.
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