6CM-P Automated Packaging System


  • Our 6CM-P automated rotary packaging equipment delivers high speed bagging within a small footprint. This automatic bag filler is an automatic bagging machine featuring a compact design that maximizes the amount of fill time by utilizing four filling stations within 1 packaging system. The empty bag magazine and bag presentation station continuously feed bags during a continuous rotation cycle. The bag is hung, filled, settled (bag bottom tapped), and sent to an inline closing system while maintaining total bag top control. This is achieved by passing the filled bag to an alligator style carrier chain open / close clamping system. This automatic bagging machine’s unique design boasts a machine life in terms of decades verses years. See the 6CM-P Automatic Bagging Machine Video.


    6CM-P Automatic Packaging System
    Capacity* 2000 bags/hour
    Bag Materials** Multi-wall Paper, Polyethylene , Woven Poly with inner liner
    Filled Weight 10-30 kg
    Bag Size Available (mm) L 650-850 x W 400-460 x GW 0-127
    Power Required -13 KW (not including bag closing)
    Air Consumption 1400 Nl/minute
    Machine Weight 9000 kg
    * Capacity can vary due to product flow characteristics. Samples may be required to confirm rates.
    ** Bag samples may be required to confirm machine compatibility.
    NOTE: There are many options and variations available upon request.
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