EC-201 Robotic Palletizing Machine


  • The Fuji Model EC-201 Robotic Palletizer encompasses the best Fuji has to offer. With a payload capacity of 440 lbs and capacities exceeding 20 cycles per minute, this robot delivers high speed and reliability unmatched in the industry. This robotic palletizing machine is the most popular robot in the Fuji family and is the product of thousands of hours of design time. Due to this devotion to excellence, this system is a direct result of constant improvements and technological advances. This system palletizes products ranging from bags, cases, pails, and other miscellaneous products.

    This robotic palletizer, as well as the EC-101 and EC-171 palletizing equipment, offer many advantages that no other manufacturer can provide. Please note a few of those advantages and contact us directly to find out more. Click here to see the EC-201 Series Video.

    Mechanical Advantage

    The weight of the mechanically balanced arm can be supported by a single finger. This insightful fact demonstrates the dynamics of a true palletizing robot. This unique design allows our robot to use less energy and dramatically reduces unwanted stress on the arm joints, bearings, pivot points, and floor supports. Other industrial robots were originally designed for painting, welding, tending machines, etc. A balanced boom was not a factor due to the nature of robot applications at the time. The Fuji Robot is the only manufactured articulated robotic arm “specifically” built for palletizing.

    Software / Human Interface Advantage

    The touch screen (standard with every model) is geared for machine operators, mechanical personnel, and management alike. The operators can change a palletizing program in less than 5 seconds. Maintenance personnel can add lubrication based on an onboard warning system, review error occurrences and take corrective measures based on the problem, and monitor I/O in real time. Management can track palletized inventory by specific programs (60 recipe locations), compare running hours with powered up hours, and have the ability to monitor the machine in real time from their office (Ethernet ready PLC and networking software required).


    Mechanism Articulated Robot
    Action Mode Cylindrical
    Weight Capacity (including hand) 200kg (440lbs)
    Palletizing Capacity (cycles / hour) 1,600 cycles / hr
    Degree of Freedom 4 Axes
    Operational Space Z axis (vert.) 2300 mm ( 90-1/2")
    R axis (long.) 1500 mm (59")
    T axis (body) 330 degrees rotation
    A axis (wrist) 330 degrees rotation
    Hand Types Clamp, Fork, Vacuum, Custom Design
    Memory Teaching Playback / Teaching Support / Teachingless (Option)
    Power (200 / 220V 3ph 50 / 60hz) 6.5 KVA
    Main Body Weight (without hand) 1150 Kg (2536 lbs)
    NOTE: Specifications are subject to change without notice. Capabilities as stated above are the maximum that may be achieved by the robot under ideal conditions. Capacity rates can be significantly effected by layouts, product types, and can only be confirmed after a detailed analysis of an application.


  • Cold environment upgrade
  • Harsh environment upgrade (stainless steel components)
  • Memory program expansion
  • Auto reject function
  • Simultaneous multi-size product handling (5th axis)
  • Slipsheet placement
  • Pallet placement
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