A Series Filled Bag Closing Machine and Equipment


  • The A Series filled bag closing machines handle various products such as food ingredients, grain, feed, chemicals and fertilizer packed in paper, jute, woven cloth, and polyethylene bags. A Series filled bag closing equipment is available in several models, featuring different bag closing heads and filled bag sewing machines for various production capacities between 500 and 1000 bags/hour.


    Models DS-2II DS-C DS-6AC DS-6WAC DS-9C
    Revolution 1,400 rpm 1,400 rpm 1,400 rpm 2,000 rpm 2,700 rpm
    Stitch Range 7-12 mm 7-12 mm 7-10.5 mm 7-10.5 mm 7-10.5 mm
    Oiling System Manual Manual Manual Semi-Auto Fully Automatic
    Needle DRx2 #25-26 DRx2 #25-26 DRx2 #25 DRx2 #25 (2) DRx2 #26
    Thread 20/6, 20/9, 30/12 20/6, 20/9, 30/12 20/6 20/6 20/6
    Cutter Mechanical Mechanical Air Cylinder Air Cylinder Air Cylinder
    Sewing Start Foot Pedal Foot Pedal Limit Switch Limit Switch Limit Switch
    Type of Column A2-P, A2-B, A6-P, A6-B A6-P2L, A6-B2L, A6-BL2L
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  • Our Line of Filled Bag Closing Machines

    Filled bag closing equipment with various bag closing heads from American-Newlong.
    A Series

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    A1-PB Series

    B2 Series filled bag closure equipment
    B2 Series

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