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American-Newlong, Inc. is your packaging specialist, offering automatic bagging machines, automatic bag heat sealers, portable bag closers, twist tying machines, bag making machines and other automated packaging systems. You can also find robotic bag palletizing equipment. Contact us today for your packaging solution.

American-Newlong, Inc.
5310 S. Harding Street
Indianapolis, IN 46217 USA
Phone: 317-787-9421 • Fax: 317-786-5225

Company Contacts Title Phone
Jerry Buchanan President 317-787-9421
Connie Perrin CFO 317-787-9421
Jack Blasdel Engineering Manager 317-787-9421
Bob Russell Sales Manager 317-787-9421
Diana Bennett Executive Secretary 317-787-9421
Phil Vang Sales/Engineering 317-787-9421
Scott Hill Field Service Engineer 317-787-9421
Jeff Gossett Field Service Engineer 317-787-9421
Frank Jacobs Packaging Systems Parts 317-781-4343
Brian Shannon Bag Closing Sales 317-781-4341
Dottie Adriaans Customer Service & Purchasing 317-787-9421
Mark Banholzer Warehouse Manager 317-787-9421
Megan Haas Account Receiveables 317-787-9421
Patrick Torphy Field Service Engineer 317-787-9421

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