C-Tier Twist Tying Machine, Automatic Twist Tier


  • C-Tier Twist Tying Machines can be used in combination with any type of automatic machine.
  • Is the most advanced type of automatic twist tier.
  • This bag tying machinery is used for packaging of bread, ice cream, noodles, fruits, candies and others.
  • Optional conveyor length and feeding direction can be ordered.
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    C-Tier Twist Tying Machine, Automatic Twist Tier
    Machine Dimensions 600 x 900 x 1650 (mm)
    Weight 56 kg
    Air Consumption 27Ncycle, 3.5Mpa
    Tie Width 4 mm
    Wring Top Diameter Max. 23 mm
    Speed Max. 20 bags per minute
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