KS Series Heat Sealing Machine


  • Trimming, stitching, heat sealing (inner PE), and heat seal-tape sealing can be done automatically with the KS bag heat sealer bag closing system.
  • This bag heat seal machine is highly versatile with easy to adjust temperature and heater bar pressure (ease of changing bag thickness).
  • Sift proof, dust proof, and insect proof, bag closure promotes maximum protection.
  • Fully automated heat sealer is easy to install and simple to maintain featuring technologically advanced controls come standard with each system.
  • 5 models are available, specifically designed to meet a wide range of applications.
  • The Model KS-324D is for inner bag & over tape seal after bag top folding without stitching. This “sift proof” closure prevents product contamination.

  • Specifications*

      KS-12 KS-16 KS-23 KS-26 KS-324D
    Speed (Variable m/min.) 7~10 7~10 7~10 7~10 7~10
    Heater Capacity 500W x 4 500W x 12 500W x 6 500W x 12 500W x 14
    Stitching Machine Head DS-7C DS-7C DS-7C DS-7C N/A
    Drive Motors Stitcher 0.4 kW 0.4 kW 0.4 kW 0.4 kW N/A
    Sealer 0.4 kW 0.4 kW 0.4 kW 0.75 kW 0.75 kW
    Dimensions (mm) L2, 100 x W1,
    090 x H2, 052
    L3, 000 x W1,
    090 x H2, 052
    L2, 420 x W1,
    430 x H2, 052
    L3, 040 x W1,
    090 x H2, 052
    L3, 900 x W1,
    460 x H2, 052
    Net Weight (kg) 460 610 520 670 850
    *Bag samples may be required to confirm machine compatibility.
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