3CM-PDS Automatic Bagging Machine

American-Newlong's 3CM-PDS high-speed Automatic Bagging Machine is double spout packaging machinery for bagging 2,000 bags/hour with bags weighing from 20 lbs to 110 lbs. Two spouts are featured for simultaneous filling, along with automatic bag feeder. An optional servo-motor lateral bag transfer drive increases capacity and reduces air consumption. This automated bag packaging system handles a wide variety of bag materials including paper bag, woven-cloth and polyethylene bags and a variety of closure styles such as plain sewing, sewn over tape, or heat sealed. Also available will full automatic tag placer at full rate.

This machine is also available in a single spout servo-unit rated at 1,200 bags/hour and is already successfully running in many seed plants in North and South America.

American-Newlong, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of automated, open-mouth bag packaging and closing systems and equipment and is a distributor of Fuji Ace robotic palletizers.  American-Newlong’s line of equipment includes sewing machines, twist tying machines, tape tying machines, heat sealers, semi- automated to fully automated packaging systems that weigh, pack, close, check weigh, distribute and palletize.  The company’s Indiana headquarters offers full parts and service support for all products, with multiple dealers and distributors.  “Turn key" systems and custom design systems available for specific applications.

For more information contact American-Newlong, Inc., 5310 South Harding Street Indianapolis, IN 46217. Phone: 317-787-9421. Fax: 317-786-5225. E-mail:  newlong@american-newlong.com.

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