New Website Features Automated Packaging and Automated Bagging Systems

American-Newlong, Inc. recently improved their website and now provides more product information, easier user navigation, and video. Information is available in full detail for American-Newlong’s complete line of automated bag packaging equipment and automatic bagging systems including features, benefits, and specifications. Improvements to help familiarize users with American-Newlong’s equipment include detailed product information tables, and links to display product brochures in pdf format. A sign-up opportunity for a free CD Rom is also available. Additionally, the website offers a contact link to directly e-mail key top management personnel at American-Newlong, and a “news” link.

American-Newlong, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of automated, open-mouth bag packaging and closing systems and equipment and is a distributor of Fuji Ace robotic palletizers.  American-Newlong’s line of equipment includes sewing machines, twist tying machines, tape tying machines, heat sealers, semi- automated to fully automated packaging systems that weigh, pack, close, check weigh, distribute and palletize.  The company’s Indiana headquarters offers full parts and service support for all products, with multiple dealers and distributors.  “Turn key" systems and custom design systems available for specific applications.

For more information contact American-Newlong, Inc., 5310 South Harding Street Indianapolis, IN 46217. Phone: 317-787-9421. Fax: 317-786-5225. E-mail:

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