NP-8 Series Portable Bag Closer For Filled Bag Closing


  • High speed hand held bag closeroffers 1,500 -1,600 r.p.m for filled bag closing.
  • Featuring a specially designed shock resistant isolation handle.
  • This portable bag closer provides tight closing for heavy jute/hessian bag materials using a double thread chain stitch with one needle and looper.
  • An automatic oiling system applies lubrication to moving components.


    NP-8 Portable Bag Closer
    Speed 5-6 seconds per bag
    Stitch Length 8.5 mm (3 per inch) fixed
    Needle Type DNx1 - #25
    Weight 6 kg (13 lbs) with thread
    Drive Motor 12V, 24V DC; 110V, 220V or 240V AC
    (please specify one when ordering.)
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