PBC-PBS Bag Heat Sealing Machine, Pinch Bag Sealer


  • PBC-PBS Series automatic heat sealer machines for sealing single and double pinch bags.
  • Each model utilizes a creasing wheel to define a consistent fold line and a hot air manifold to activate the pre-applied hot melt adhesive.
  • The PBC-S is a single pinch bag sealer. Once the fold line is defined and the adhesive is activated, the bag top folding section will complete the fold and transfer the bag to a non-stick compression belt section, providing a well fused seal.
  • The PBC-W heat sealing machine is a double pinch unit. This machine features a hot air pre-heat station, a series of heater bars (the number of bar sets is dependent on required dwell time), and a compression wheel to fuse an inner seal of a multi-wall paper bag with a poly liner. The PBC-W also offers a well fused inner seal, supported by a high strength fold over seal.
  • The temperature is easily adjusted and monitored for best results and the air intake is regulated and digitally monitored for correct pressure. An alarm will be activated if either the heat or the air is out of range and the PBC-W automatic heat sealer will automatically shut down to avoid machine damage or bad seals.
  • The bag carrier chain is supported by fixed and spring loaded chain guides to prevent bag tops from slipping and or shifting during the sealing process.







    * Bag Type 3-ply gusseted
    paper bags
    3-ply paper with inner
    PE layer
    3-ply gusseted
    paper bags
    3-ply paper with inner PE layer
    Speed (m/min.) 6~14 6~12 6~14 6~12
    Depth of Fold (mm) 45 50 45 50
    Power (kW) 0.4 0.4 0.75 0.75
    Air (NI/min) 400 800 400 800
    Heater Capacity (kW) C=2 A=3 B=3 C=3 C=2 A=3 B=3 C=3
    Dimensions (mm) L1, 975 x W1,
    515 x H1, 880
    L3, 290 x W1,
    113 x H1, 800
    2,320L x 1,250W
    x 1,725H
    2,424L x 1,280W
    x 1,790H
    Net Weight (kg) 680 980 660 960
    A: Pre-hot air heater
    B: Heater for sealing innermost layer (heater bar)
    C: Hot air heater (Hot air manifold)
    *Bag samples may be required to confirm machine compatibility.
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