PM-V3 Tape Tying Machine


  • Once a bag is inserted, the PM-V3 bag taping machine performs completely on its own.
  • This bag tying machinery features adhesive plastic tape that overlaps each other at the top of bags and ties them up, minimizing the packing material costs.
  • The tape tying machine is also equipped with a belt conveyor.
  • Options: Bag top cutting device
  • Use: Foods (noodles, bread, confectionery, fruit, seafood, meat,) etc.
  • Click here to see the PM-V3 Bag Taping Machine in action.


    PM-V3 Tape Tying Machine
    Machine Dimensions 1005 x 500 x 1200 (mm)
    Weight 85 kg
    Power Required AC100V 100W
    Applicable Tape PET W9 mm, 50-300m/reel
    Bag Width Max. 200 mm
    Speed Max. 40 bags per minute
    Function Marks
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